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Welcome to ichiban crop science

The dazzling star in Agrochemical Industry in recent years, Ichiban Crop Science is the brain child of Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal. ICHIBAN Crop Science manufactures and supplies the finest quality of agro-chemical products using state-of-art technology and rigorous Japanese manufacturing procedures.

Japan, a country with highest density of population but lowest arable land is known for its highest per hectre-agri-yield using technology and their rigorous manufacturing processes.

Our Products

Ichiban is one among the major player in Agro-chemical Industries. The company supplies almost all categories of agro-chemical products to the market, which includes Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and PGR/Fertilizers as follows :

Insecticides are pesticides that are formulated to kill, harm, repel or mitigate one or more species of insect. Insecticides work in different ways. Ichiban’s Insecticide products are very …

Herbicide, an agent, usually chemical, for killing or inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants leaving desired crops relatively unharmed. ICHIBAN is having a number of herbicide products in…

Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores. They can be used to control fungi that damage plants, including rusts, mildews and blights. They might also…

Plant growth regulators (PGR)

PGR (Plant growth regulators) is Plant hormones which is known as phytohormones, are chemicals that regulate gwoth of the the plant. Plant Hormones also determine the formation and health of flower, stems, leaves, the shedding of leaves, and the development and ripening of fruits . PGR helps in increasing agricultural products yields. ICHIBAN is having a range of PGR in it’s basket.


ICHIBAN has become a very reliable name in the agro-chemical industry.


Information technology is an important part of ICHIBAN’s infrastructure. ICHIBAN has implemented world’s most … read more

Standarisation & Certifications

ICHIBAN Crop Science Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO:2015 & OHSAS:18001:2007 certified company. The company has gone… read more

Research & Development

ICHIBAN Crop Science Ltd is having NABL accredited laboratories with highly motivated  and skilled employees engaged in R&D… read more


Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal is a leader with proven record of translating his vision into reality. With a bright academic record,… read more

Vision & Mission

“Contribute to vibrant agro-economy driver by providing technology high quality products and services solutions being closerread more

Awards & Recognisation

Despite the company a new entrant in the agro-chemical business, it has proved to be counted among the top. Dr. Nikhil… read more 

Policies and

We, ICHIBAN CROP SCIENCE LTD. are carrying out Research and Development, Manufacture, Supply and Distribution of Agri-inputs… read more

Partnership & collaboration

The company has undertaken many activities/ research projects through partnership and collaboration with many… read more


People is the most powerful element of ICHIBAN’s infrastructure. Besides the highly skilled and motivated employees of the… read more

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Customers reviews

We understand that customers have a choice where they purchase. Therefore we invest in long lasting customer relationships. Our staff members devote both time and resources to understanding the customers we serve. Therefore we value the views and feedbacks of our customers and reorganize our working culture to best meet our customer requirements.Reviews of some of our valued customers as follows :

ICHIBAN’s packaging is one amongst the best in the pesticide industry. Goes without saying the quality of products and services also match the best in the industry.
Mr. Raj Verma
Ichiban’s product range caters to offerering crops solutions to many crops especially paddy, cotton, soyabean, sugarcane etc.
Amitesh Desai
Allegator, a weedicide found very effective against weedkill in soyabean. Thanks to Ichiban.
Gurvindar Singh